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IEO Launchpad



abonelik para birimi:HITH
Başlangıç zamanı:2023-09-01 00:00:00
toplam ihraç:999999999.000000 HITH
Birim fiyatı:0.140000
Katılımcı sayısı:100000.000000 HITH
proje talimatı
abonelik sınırı :9999999.000000
Abonelik birim fiyatı :5.478400
Tek minimum :100000.000000
abonelik sınırı :1.000000

Industry background

HIGHTECHEX coins are jointly launched by Mobie Exchange, with a limited issuance of 100 million. On May 15, 2023, the first subscription will be launched worldwide. The first subscription will have a circulation of 999999999 for 180 days. The subscription coins will be automatically released after 90 days of freezing. After the release, the currency market will open MBN/USDT trading pairs, and the contract market will open MBN/USDT trading pairs for trading. The price is expected to be 20 times of the subscription unit pric