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Area di acquisto

Moneta di sottoscrizione:HITH
Inizio:2023-09-01 00:00:00
totale:999999999.000000 HITH
Prezzo unitario di emissione:0.140000
Number:100000.000000 HITH
Descrizione del progetto
limit :9999999.000000
Prezzo unitario :942.656073
minimo :100000.000000
limit :1.000000

Industry background

The HIGHTECHEX coin was launched in conjunction with the Mobie Exchange and will be limited to 100 million coins.  On May 15, 2023, the world's first subscription will be launched.  The first subscription has a circulation of 99,99,999, after the release, the currency market will open MBN/USDT trading pairs, and the contract market will open MBN/USDT trading pairs for trading.  The offering price is expected to be 20 times the subscription price