‘Sugar pregnancy test’ warns of low sugar fruits

A “low sugar fruit” pregnancy test has been developed to warn of the possible impact of eating too much sugar, in an attempt to combat the high prevalence of obesity among the population.The test, developed by the Italian Food Safety Authority (ASF) and used by more than 60 countries, was first announced in December, but […]

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‘Gossip’ shows how people react to a baby bump

Posted November 21, 2019 11:31:27 “The idea is if you’ve been to a movie and you’ve seen that character’s hair, then that is your hair.”That’s what she said to me as we waited outside the Sesame Street shop in central Sydney.I am a bit nervous, she told me.“They were saying, ‘Oh no, there’s a bump!’”But […]

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What sugar factory workers eat: A guide to how much we consume

The sugar industry is trying to create a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible way to produce sugar.Here are the foods we eat in a day.less Here are some of the foods you should eat in your daily life to cut down on sugar intake. 1. Oatmeal, oats, and wheat. A grain or cereal, oats or wheat […]

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When will you be ready to take blood sugar testing?

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has issued a new recommendation to adults who want to take glucose testing.The recommendation comes as blood sugar tests have become increasingly common in the US, with the number of US adults taking them more than doubling since 2000. The ADA also says it recommends that adults over age 60 who […]

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