New ‘Star Wars’ movie trailer is awesome, but it’s about a different story

New “Star Wars” movie trailer from Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Pictures that premiered during this weekend’s Toronto International Film Festival has the audience in stitches.

The movie, titled “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” opens with a shot of a space station that looks like the one from the original trilogy, but which, in the trailer, is an old space station.

This is where the rebellion of the Star Wars Knights is based.

The trailer begins with a montage of the first three films: “Return of the Jedi,” “Return to Tatooine,” and “Return.”

The first two films take place during the era of the Rebel Alliance, and Luke Skywalker, a rebel leader who is played by Mark Hamill, returns to a time where he and his allies fought to protect the galaxy from the Empire.

In this era, Leia (Carrie Fisher) is a princess, Leia Organa (Dakota Johnson) is Luke Skywalker’s daughter, and Han Solo (Andy Serkis) is the smuggler and smuggler’s apprentice.

The last three films are the prequels, and they take place in the same galaxy.

The plot of “Rogue one” revolves around a new type of space station, the Sugar Mountain, that has been brought to life with artificial intelligence.

The ship is called the R2-D2, and its main job is to keep the space station running.

The crew is also equipped with a ship called the Millennium Falcon.

The new ship is powered by two large solar panels, and can operate on a full recharge every ten minutes.

When the sun goes down, the solar panels don’t work.

It is the first time in the franchise that the plot is set on a non-stop, continuous course.

The main characters, Luke Skywalker and Han, are the only ones who are able to travel on the R1-series of ships, which have been designed for speed and speed without using much fuel.

The main ship is the ship in the foreground, the R3-series.

The R2 is the main ship in another part of the film.

Han is a young boy with a thirst for adventure, and he is drawn to the R-series ship, which is the last ship left on the planet.

The second ship, the Millennium, is not as popular with the Rebels, and is being used for cargo and science.

When Luke and his friends fly into the Sugar Mountains’ space station and find out that the Rebels have brought a Rebel Alliance ship with them, they begin a search for the rebels.

They encounter the ship that has come to destroy the R0-series, and the Rebel ship’s captain, a young bounty hunter named Darth Vader (Mark Hamill).

As Luke and the Rebels search for Vader, Han and Leia are captured by Vader and his droid army.

Vader’s men are able in the next scene to escape their capture by an escape pod.

The next scene, where the Rebels are rescued by the Millennium-class ship, features the iconic battle of Yavin 4, where Vader and the droids are defeated and the Millennium falls into the sea.

The first trailer for “Rogue 1” opens with shots of the Sugar Mountains.

It’s not clear whether the location is used for the R&D in “Star Trek Into Darkness” or the ship, and we don’t know if the ship is a ship from “Star Destroyer.”

The Rebel ships appear to have different colors.

This particular ship looks much like the ship we saw in “The Force Awakens,” though there’s no hint of it in the trailers.

The second trailer opens with footage of a Rebel fleet in space, with the ships in a grid pattern, with each ship having three red lights on the left and two on the right.

They have three small lights on each side of the ship.

The Rebel ships are called R-wings.

The third trailer opens a few minutes later with a trailer that shows two sets of lights that show the two Rebels in a circle around each other.

This time, the Rebel ships move faster, with three red-lit red lights in the middle.

This shows a red-painted ship with a blue-painted crew.

The red-and-blue-painted ships have a green and red crew.

The final trailer opens at a point that looks almost exactly like the sugar mountain scene in “Return” from “The Phantom Menace.”

It is also the same distance from the Rebel base.

It shows the two Rebel ships, a Rebel ship with three lights and a Rebel crew.

We know the Rebels’ base is located in a large, rocky structure called a basecamp, and it’s here where we see the Rebel’s first battle, where Luke and Leia use a lightsaber to duel a Rebel general named Karrde.

The general is played with great passion by Ben Mendelsohn, who is known for playing Captain Phasma in

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