How to tell if your baby is wearing a candy cane?

NEW YORK — A little watermelon has long been used as a sweetener in sugar babies, and now, thanks to a sweet-tasting candy cane, some babies are getting a taste of that taste too.

The baby who has been drinking a small amount of the sugar cane-based drink can sometimes be mistaken for a candy bar, according to the company.

The New York Post reported that a baby with the genetic condition, called a sweet tooth syndrome, can appear as a white sugar cane.

“We’ve had some cases where a baby’s mouth has been so sweet and then they start to show the signs of sweet tooth,” Dr. Susan Tappen, a pediatrician in San Diego, told the newspaper.

“We have a little girl that we are seeing more and more in the hospital.

She’s a little bit sweet, but we’re starting to see more of the signs.”

The baby’s parents have been using a mixture of the drink and sugar water for a month and are taking her on a trip to a sugar farm in California, where they’ll be able to give her a taste.

“It’s just something we’ve been doing to help her understand how sweet she is,” said Stephanie Schmitt, whose baby has the condition.

“She’s getting a little sweet, and it’s making her happy, and she’s starting to feel more comfortable.”

The candy cane drink, made by Schmitt’s company, is available in stores and online.

The company says the drink contains a mix of sugar water and water and is intended for use with babies born with a congenital heart condition known as a congenitally small-for-gestational-age infant.

The company says it has tested its products and found that their sugar content matches that of a typical sugar baby drink.

Schmitt told the Post that the company has been contacted by a number of families who are worried that they may be buying the same baby drink that their infant has been eating.

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