“Glad I didn’t tell you this: The Bible is full of shit!”

It’s a title that is often used to mock those who question the Bible.

And yet the Bible itself is riddled with so much garbage that its often hard to tell what it really is.

So, in this series of posts we’ll examine the Bible’s many inconsistencies and misstatements to determine if it’s true, and to determine which parts of the Bible are true.1.

The book of Genesis doesn’t exist.1) Genesis is a mythical account that was written to describe a series of events that occurred after the Flood.

The authors of Genesis never claimed that all humans were created in six days and were therefore the same species.

In fact, many of the people in the Bible were not only the same as other people, but they were all the same sex, as well.

This was known as the Adam-God theory.

The author of Genesis claims that the Bible was inspired by the same God that inspired Adam and Eve to create the animals they eat, as part of their creation ritual.

In a famous passage in Genesis chapter 8, God explains that he created man and Eve because they were the “children of light” and that they were created for a purpose that was “more than just food and shelter.”

The Bible describes man and woman as “kind and just.”

But as it’s clear that the authors of the Genesis account were thinking of Adam and his family, it’s also clear that they didn’t think of man and women as being equal in terms of intelligence.

God created Adam in his own image, and it was in his image that he was created.

As we know from science, humans are only two percent of the population, and human beings have an extremely limited range of intelligence compared to animals.2.

Humans and the animals that we eat are genetically different from other animals.1,000 years ago, the human species evolved from a single species called Homo erectus.

Humans evolved from chimpanzees and gorillas.

They also developed some other traits.

For example, our brain size was significantly larger than that of other animals, our muscles had much longer tendons than other animals’ tendons, and our eyesight was much better than that on other animals and many plants.

In other words, humans have an extraordinary ability to adapt to changing environments.3.

Our DNA is different from that of all other animals in a number of ways.3) In addition to being more intelligent than other animal species, humans also have different DNA from all other animal groups.

Scientists have found that humans and chimpanzees share many of their genetic material.

For the most part, this DNA is inherited from both mothers and fathers.

Humans share the genes for about one out of every 10,000 people on Earth.

Humans also share a very large number of genes from both our parents.

This is also the case with other animals: Chimpanzees have about three times the number of common ancestors of humans as do chimpanzees and other species, and their common ancestors have about four times as many common ancestors as humans.4.

Humans have more than two billion genes, which are scattered around the human genome.5.

The human genome contains an average of about 8,000 genes.6.

Humans are the only animal on Earth that can produce more than one copy of the human gene.7.

Our skin color is an evolutionary adaptation.9) Human babies have more DNA in their DNA than any other animal on earth.10.

The genes for hair and nails are found in the same regions of the genome as are genes for DNA and RNA.11.

The skin is the most complex biological system in the world, and we are the most complicated living organism.12.

In nature, there are no differences between mammals and birds.13.

The brain is not a cell.14.

The genetic code is not the same alphabet as the alphabet used in writing books.15.

Humans don’t make the brain.16.

We’re not as good as the animals we’re closely related to.17.

The first woman to walk on Earth was a woman.18.

The word “woman” was never in use in the Middle East until a few centuries ago.19.

We are the first species to have developed the capacity for speech.20.

The only thing we do not do is eat, and the only thing that we don’t do is reproduce.21.

Humans live for only two or three days before we die.22.

There are only about 20,000 human bones left in the entire world.23.

The earth is only a few hundred million years old.24.

The sun moves very little when it’s full.25.

The universe is about 10.5 billion years old, not 11.2 billion.26.

The oldest known animal, the woolly mammoth, was discovered in 1922 in the Kangerá, Siberia, region of Russia.27.

Humans can’t change their hair color.28.

The Bible says that Adam and Abel ate pork.29

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