When sugar gliders go into battle: A new sugar glider model

The newest sugar gliding innovation is a new, more rugged design.

The Glider 3D, developed by New York-based company AEGO, is designed to take off and land on a surface as light as a feather.

The glide is so light that it’s easy for pilots to use on the ground.

But it can also land on top of other gliders, so pilots need to be careful to avoid it, said AEGOS CEO David Pfeiffer.

The company is looking to sell the new glider for $2,500, or about $1,400 per person.

The glider is designed for recreational use, but can also be used for gliding, flying and racing.

The new gliding design uses a lightweight carbon fiber composite shell that is flexible and can be cut with a saw or chisel.

It is lighter and stronger than a traditional plastic shell.

The Glider uses a flexible carbon fiber shell that can be carved with a chisel or saw.

It can be lighter and more powerful than a plastic shell, which makes it more affordable.

The carbon fiber material is made from the fibers of a tree called castor sugar.

It’s one of the most affordable and flexible materials for gliders.

The tree has been used for decades to make many products including the wings of airplanes, and is a great alternative to plastic, said Pfeifner.

The shell is made of carbon fiber, which is a very lightweight material.

That means the carbon fiber is very strong.

The carbon fiber weighs less than 1 pound (1.2 kilograms).

It is a flexible material, so the glider can take off with ease.

The shell has a very thin shell that makes it easy to bend.

It also has a flexible, rigid core.

It is very stable, so it doesn’t lose its shape or deform.

The lightweight carbon composite is very flexible.

So you don’t have to worry about the gliders feet touching the ground, said John Molnar, a professor of mechanical engineering at MIT.

When gliders land on the gliding surface, they glide down and then they glide over the surface.

The material on the surface also helps gliders glide because it’s rigid, he said.

The shape of the carbon composite shell also makes it very light.

Because the carbon is flexible, you can move it up and down, so you can glide with ease, said Molner.

There is a large, open space between the carbon and the material, which gives the glides shape.

So, you have this very wide, open surface and this very narrow surface that glides with ease over the glancing, said David Rieder, a research scientist at AEGOs research facility in New York City.

The technology is new, so there’s a lot of learning to do.

But the glimmers are very safe, said Chris Wysocki, a project manager at Aegos.

They don’t suffer damage to the carbon fibers.

The goal is to be able to produce gliders in the United States within a few years, said Wysocksi.

That would make it a very affordable alternative to the more expensive plastic versions, which are designed to be lighter, heavier and more expensive.

The cost of carbon fibers can vary depending on the type of material they’re made from.

The cheaper the material is, the less expensive it is to produce.

But carbon fibers are generally made from trees, which can be used in many ways.

The best one is to make carbon fiber for airplanes, so if you can find it, it’s cheaper than plastic, he added.

The project is not the first time AEGos has tried to develop a carbon fiber glider.

In 2013, the company won the first-ever National Science Foundation award to develop carbon fiber technology for a glider that could be used to build aircraft.

The research group also has designed and built several other glider models.

In 2015, it won the DARPA Advanced Technology and Projects award to create a gliding platform for a jet fighter pilot, which could also be put to use as a gliders landing platform.

The design of the Glider was based on research that went back several decades, said J.J. Molnars research manager at the AEGoS facility in NYC.

He added that the technology is very advanced, and it could be one of those that could revolutionize gliding.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is the federal agency that oversees standards and technology.

The AP reported this story from New York.

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