What you need to know about the sugar brocks of Melbourne

We’ve all heard the saying “You never know when you’ll be on the receiving end of a sweet tooth”.

But if you’ve got a sugar craving in Melbourne, we’ve got the answers.

Read moreA sugar brooch is a fancy piece of jewellery with the sugar in it that you put in a bowl, then take out of the bowl and eat it, and that is, literally, what it’s all about. 

You can find a sugar broach at many supermarkets, or in shops, in any number of colours.

It’s a sweet reminder of your past, of the good times, of your family, of all those things.

It’s also a sweet symbol of appreciation for the past. 

It’s a reminder of how far you’ve come in your life and how much you still have to go. 

For most people, the sugar will be sweetened with a shot of whisky, the syrup will be maple syrup, the fruit will be apple juice, or even the water will be lemonade.

But, for some people, a sugar-free brooch means that the sugar won’t be sweet, and they’ll take the brooch out of their mouth and eat a shot or two of their favourite drink. 

There are several types of sugar brooks, some made of cotton, some of bamboo, some with cotton on them, and a few with wood. 

The best of the lot are the bamboo brocks. 

What’s a bamboo brooch?

A bamboo broach is made of bamboo.

It has a thin layer of bamboo wood in between the layers of wood, making it difficult to remove, and it is also very soft, so it can be used for many things, including cooking. 

How do you use a bamboo sugar brooke?

First you have to find out what kind of bamboo you’re using. 

Bamboo is an excellent wood to use for sugar brootes because it’s very lightweight and can be made of any type of wood.

You can buy bamboo sugar roasting brooks that are made of the finest bamboo you can find, or bamboo sugar-coated sugar brookes that are also made of high-quality bamboo. 

Once you have a bamboo Sugar Broote, you’ll need to make sure you buy a bamboo straw for the broote. 

Wooden sugar broods can be tricky to get into, because they’re usually very expensive.

You have to take a lot of care with these, as they can be difficult to break down. 

If you’re going to be using bamboo sugar, be sure to check out the bamboo sugar cane that you can buy at your local store or online. 

And, of course, if you’re a sugar addict, then you’re in luck: you can use sugar broodes from brands like Fantastic Food and Taste of Singapore to make them yourself. 

But, you should also check out a sugar cane cane that is made from sugar cane or cane sugar, such as the sugar cane from the sugarcane field in Singapore. 

Are sugar broos a good alternative to a glass of wine? 


A sugarbrooch is more than just a nice way to remind you of a great childhood, or your past.

It can also be a symbol of gratitude for all the hard work you’ve put into your life, and the positive things that have happened in your personal life, such in the workplace, in your relationship, and in your community. 

Can you make a sugarbrooke out of cardboard? 

You bet.

You could do a sugarcoated version of the bamboo Sugarbroote.

Or you could use a straw to make a bamboo-styled Sugarbroode. 

Do I need a sugar candle? 

Some people may prefer to have a candle in their sugar broot. 

Yes, you can make a Sugar Broot from a Sugar Candle. 

Some sugar brooches are made from paper.

But, for a lot more refined sugar, you could try a sugar sugar candle. 

Is a sugar sweetened tea a good option? 


There are many different types of tea, including teas made with the leaves of the rose, the almond, the grapefruit, and even the strawberry. 

Tea made from these leaves is called “sugar tea”. 

What if I want to eat a sweetened sugar-flavoured dessert, like a cake or cake mix? 

If your sugar is sweetened by a sweetener, like maple syrup or apple juice and you want to make it into a dessert, you’re looking at a lot less work. 

As a sugar maker, you will need a spoon and a spoonful of sugar to make the cake. 

I’m not sure what the fuss is all about when I go to a bakery and the owner says “we don’t serve sugar but you can add some sugar to it”.

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