How to Make a Sugar Daddy Glider

How to make a sugar daddy glider!

By the way, this is one of my favorite recipes!

It takes a little bit of practice and some good luck, but it’s pretty simple.

You just need: A sugar cane tub, some sandpaper, a drill bit, a couple of large eggs and some hot water.

Here’s how: Take your tub of sugar cane.

Use a drill press to drill holes in the top.

Place your sandpaper in a bowl and fill it with sand.

Then, place a small bucket of hot water in the middle.

Place a sandpaper block on top of the bucket and press it down.

Put your eggs in the bucket.

Now, fill the other bucket with water and add a few drops of the glue.

Let the glue set for a while.

Then remove the sandpaper.

Use the drill bit and the sand paper to drill some holes in your tub.

Then put your eggs into the bucket with the sand.

Now fill the bucket again with hot water and put a couple drops of glue on the bottom.

Put the bucket into the oven at 150 degrees F. This will help to soften the glue a little.

Put on your sugar daddy glove.

Now you’re ready to glue your sugar Daddy Gliders wings.

Cut off your wings and put them in the freezer.

Let them cool completely.

Then take a pair of scissors and cut off the two flaps.

This makes a nice long sugar daddy.

Next, cut off some of the excess.

Next take a large glass jar, and place your wings in it.

Put some hot glue in there.

Now use the drill press on the end of the drill to drill a hole in the bottom of the jar.

Then glue your wings.

Now put the lid on the jar and put your sugar daddies on.

Take a pair the gloves and put on your gloves.

Now stick your wings on your fingers.

Now get on your knees and bend over your sugar cane to get some more glue on your wings so that they don’t fall off.

Now glue the wings on.

Put a few little drops of your glue on each wing.

Now start to glue the rest of the wings together.

You’re done!

You can check the glue level and the glue is almost there!

Now put your wings back in the jar for at least an hour.

This is to keep the glue on them a little longer.

It will be a little easier for you to lift the wings later if you glue them a bit harder, but be sure to give the glue time to set.

Now let your wings dry a bit.

You should have a nice, soft, gliding sugar daddy! Enjoy!

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