How to make a sugar cookie recipe from scratch: How to cook sugar cookies

You may think that sugar cookies are a healthy, delicious and easy way to snack on sweets, but according to nutrition experts, the dessert is actually a highly addictive way to eat sugar.

“Sugar is a stimulant,” said Joanne Gannon, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, who is the author of a new book called “Sugary: How Sugar Makes You Happy.”

“If you eat too much sugar, it can be a trigger for mood disorders.”

Sugar can also cause obesity and heart disease, according to Gannon.

It can also increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

“If we have too much of it in our body, it causes all kinds of problems,” Gannon told Business Insider.

“When you have too little of it, it’s a toxin.

You get insulin spikes, you have all kinds, you get all kinds.”

How to Make a Sugar Cookie Recipe From Scratch 1.

Cut a piece of parchment paper into quarters and roll it out.


Take a piece and cut out an area on it that will be about half the size of a cookie.


Roll it out a little bit thinner, then fold it back up. 4.

Cut out another piece of paper that will go on top of the cut out cookie.


Take the second piece of the parchment paper and fold it out the other way, so that it is about half of the size you rolled out.


Roll the parchment out the same way again, but cut it into thirds.


Fold the third piece of it and then fold that over, so it is the same size as the parchment.


Take all the sides and fold them in, so the sides are about the same width.


Take each of the pieces and fold one side up, so there is a little extra folded over.


Fold each of those pieces into thirds and cut it in half.


Take one of the corners and fold the other side over, just a little, so you have about the size and shape of a quarter.


Take half the sides that you cut out and fold over to form a triangle.


Fold over and cut one of those triangles into thirds, so they are about half as long as the first one.


Fold it over and fold in half again.


Take out the middle triangle, so its length is about the width of the other triangles, then take out the top half.


Fold in the third half, so your triangles are about as long and the triangles are now about the height of the triangles.


Take them all out and cut them into thirds again, so their length is now about half that of the first two triangles.


Take those thirds and fold each of them over into thirds until they are the same length as the other three.


Fold them in half, then cut them in thirds again.


Take two of the three triangles and fold those in half lengthwise, so each triangle is about as wide as the second.


Take that triangle and fold down one side, so now the triangle is a length of one-quarter of an inch, and then take the remaining triangle and pull it into a square shape.


Take it and fold out the corner that you just folded in, and fold that in half as well.


Cut the triangle into thirds even lengthwise and fold all three into thirds as well as down one corner.


Cut that corner in half and fold its length into thirds to make an even more straight-sided triangle.


Cut it into three quarters and fold a half as close to the other two thirds as possible.


Take three quarters of the triangle and cut each one in half to make the shape of an inverted triangle.


Take another triangle and take out all of its corners, so if you have a triangle that is as long or shorter than the other, fold it in thirds, not in quarters.


Cut both triangles into half and take a triangle, fold in thirds as far as you can, then slice the two sides apart to make it a triangle in half width.


Take both sides of the corner, and cut the sides of that triangle into three thirds as wide and one-half inch long.


Take this triangle and make a rectangle about as thick as the triangle you just cut in half with a knife.


Fold all of the four sides of your triangle in thirds.

Cut each triangle into a rectangle of half width and one inch height.


Cut two more triangles from the same triangle, and take one of them and cut off the corners.


Fold one of these triangles into a circle and fold up to about two-thirds the width.


Take your rectangle and cut

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