How to find sugar on the streets of Sydney

A man has been jailed for three years for stealing and selling sugar, a crime that left him with a cane and a cane cane-farming business.

In January, an officer with the NSW Crime Commission, Michael Farrar, stopped the car of John Dickson, 36, who was sitting in the boot of the car with a box of white cane.

He told Mr Dickson that he was a “sugar collector” and wanted to sell it to a sugar company.

He was not charged with a crime and Mr Dinson was told by police he was under arrest.

He later told the court he had no intention of selling the sugar.

His sentence has been commuted to 12 months.

Mr Dickson said he had a job and no one would pay him to collect sugar.

“I can’t make money off sugar,” he said.

“There’s no way I could sell it.

It’s just a scam.”

Mr Dinson’s cane business is run by his mother, Mary Dickson.

He is not in jail.

He had been a cane-picking driver for four years, but had stopped when he became homeless.

He said he did not sell cane, only sugar.

He also said he was not a “scammer”.

He had a cane in his car when he was stopped.

He did not have a cane to sell to the sugar company, but he said he would sell to them, provided they would pay a price.

Mr Farrard said the cane-collecting industry was “at the very core” of the community and he would be taking a “close look” at the community to see if there was any further action to take.

“We will be making an inquiry,” he told reporters.

“It’s not just about me being the last person out there collecting cane.

This is the whole community.”

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